Val HarrisonMy name is Val Harrison. I first began trading the financial markets back in the 1970s, dabbling with equities and managing my own pension fund. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I became rather good at it and in 1978 I was singled out by Investors Chronicle for my trading success.

I spent the next three and a half decades trading – and also writing about it, so other people could follow my methods. For years I was a contributor to the Financial Times, appeared on the BBC Money Programme and wrote a book called Speculate Accumulate Increase Your Income. On top of all that I’ve run a million-pound commodity syndicate and launched the HAV Trading method, which has taught hundreds of people how to trade stock-market indices.

So you could say, I’ve been around the block when it comes to making money from the markets!

But I’m not a banker or a professional trader. In fact, I used to be a veterinary surgeon.

So, what on earth could I be about to share with you?

All my life I’ve had a secret passion that I’ve never shared in public – even though I use many of the statistical strategies that make me a successful trader …

… and that passion is to beat the bookies over the long haul, taking money out of their pockets instead of the other way round.

I know it might sound strange, but playing the system and winning gives me so much pleasure – even more than the money … whether it’s the stock market or the bookmaker! There’s no feeling like it when you slowly, over time, see the profits stack up – even when most regular ‘punters’ are losing their shirts.

That’s because 99.9% of people bet on hunches, random tips, dodgy insider information, mates’ recommendations in the pub … or just for fun – a wild punt to see if they can hit a jackpot.

These are all great fodder for bookies, whose income relies on people ‘gambling’.

But I never gamble. Instead, I play the bookies’ system – legally and ethically – using cold, hard, statistical principles.

By doing this time after time, week after week, you can build a steady bank of profits, rolling those back into your betting bank to reinvest.

And that’s exactly how my method of trading the race betting markets allows you to turn £100 into an upside of £120, £162 and £194…. but you only EVER risk £2.