In just over 4 years, this made profits of £53,621 without ever risking more than £10 on a bet!


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It couldn’t be simpler …
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Dear Reader

My name is Val Harison, and I’m a professional investor.

I’ve spent over 30 years making money on the stock market and teaching others to do the same.

But my real passion is … I love to bet on the horses.

But I’m not talking about a flutter, or a hunch, or a gamble. It has nothing to do with risking a lump of money, hoping to win a big jackpot.

Truth is … I can’t bear risk!

You see, my number one joy in betting isn’t the risk, or the adrenaline … what I love is beating the bookies.

I don’t mean beating them every now and then, then losing the rest of the time (which is how they make their money, bless them!) …. I’m interested in horse betting ONLY as a steady income stream.

And that’s what I’d like to show you today.

There’s no gambling involved with what I do. This is about a coldly systematic, statistical INVESTMENT approach that has nothing to do with emotions like greed.

Bookmakers are all competing against each other to offer the best prices … and I use this to play them at their own game.

You see, I’ve found a tiny chink in their armour … based on the way they calculate their odds. By using this again and again, taking small profits each time, I’ve made over £50,000 in just over 4 years in my spare time.

But here’s the clever part…

This is the bit that would have my stock-market colleagues spitting with jealousy…

The beauty of this method is that the risk is tiny. You never need to risk more than £2 – often it’s less than this. (Or, if you’re betting at the absolute maximum levels – which is what I use, the risk can go up to £10.)

And yes, you will lose £2 from time to time, that’s entirely part of the method.

Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you they’ve got a way of making money that doesn’t have any losses, or anyone who can “predict” a winner with any certainty.

But the beauty of this is that the downside is so strictly limited … yet the upside is much larger.

This is what I’d love to share with you today – the most controlled-risk betting strategy you’ll ever come across. It couldn’t be simpler to understand…

When you lose, you’ll lose a maximum of £2 … (or in my case up to £10, because I like to bet with a larger bank)…
…But when you WIN, the upside could be as much as £94 for a £2 risk.

(I couldn’t even dream of that kind of reward-to-risk on my stock-market investments!)

And this is so consistent that, in the 51 months since I’ve been teaching this method, I’ve NEVER had a losing month. My worst monthly profits were £326! And my average is well over £1,000 per month.

And in that time, this betting system has racked up £53,621 in profits.

These are real results from using the system myself. I’ll show you the full table of results in a moment.

“Fabulous – about a grand a month!”

“It is the only system I have made money with (about £2k using very intermittently).”

Understandably, many of my clients are delighted…

If you could do with £1K a month extra income, then today I’d like to invite you to join us.

Every day we exploit the bookies’ flawed pricing to make bets where you can choose the level of risk you’re comfortable with. For instance, you could fix a maximum loss of £2 for every £100 you bet…

…And yet earn £34, £67 or £94 for that small amount of risk. (Up your risk to £10, and earn even more!)

Plus, if you take advantage of my online software (there’s nothing to download onto your computer, just log in online) …

wrongcrossYou won’t need to scan the races each day for
one that fits the bill.
wrongcrossYou won’t need to worry about how much to
stake or if you’ve made the right call.

Instead, you can set up your online account and get everything done for you.

alert iconALERT! – The software scans the market to find a qualifying bet. As soon as it does, an alert will ping on your PC, Mac or Laptop. All the odds, stake and pricing are worked out for you. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting into without research or number-crunching.

click iconCLICK! – it couldn’t be easier to act on the tip. Simply click on the link and you’ll go directly through to the right webpage to make your bet. A couple of minutes is all it takes and you’re done!

bet iconBET! – Place your bet, leave it to do its thing, and get on with your day. It’ll be stress free, because you’ll know that the maximum you can possibly lose will be £2 or £10 (you decide!)….

And yet for that small amount of risk you could end up with £94, £129, £350 or even more.

But, if you prefer not to use the online bet-finder, that’s fine too. All the information you need to work this is in the short guidebook I’ll send you.

Either way, you could be collecting your first profits very soon. And even collecting your first £1,000+ over the coming weeks.

As you’d expect, the hands-on approach takes a bit more time.

“I think the system is absolute genius … I am currently winning just over £1400 which is a very nice profit.”

“So far I have made a profit of around 60% of my initial investment.”
Simon, Cornwall

Each day you check which races fit the criteria. Many of my racing investor clients are happy to do this. But, with the automated version,  anyone can access these profits, no matter how busy, no matter how inexperienced or lacking in confidence they may be.

Which is why I’m writing to you with this invitation…

If you find race betting too time-consuming, nerve-wracking and risky, then here is a far easier way of doing it.

And by repeating this simple trick over and over again, week in, week out, you can build a steady income.

That’s what I have developed over years of trialling and testing in my private time. A kind of hobby alongside my market trading, if you like.

I’ve taken the same solid investment principles that have helped me profit from the stock markets over a lifetime … and applied them to the race betting markets to make a TAX-FREE income.

How much? Well, this is strictly LOW RISK – so if you’re looking for big jackpots (and huge losses) then I’m afraid this won’t be for you.

This works as a steady, low-risk income maker…

My method made me £53,621 in the last 4 years 3 months.
And remember, this can be done in just 20 minutes a day,
and for tiny risk levels.

Of course, if you’ve a brain in your head, you’re probably more than a little bit sceptical…
I completely understand that.

Look, one of the reasons I’ve resisted sharing this betting system in the past is because there are so many awful and risky gambling systems out there. Some of the claims – “zero risk”, “make £50,000 a year”, “insider secrets” – they make me cringe, quite frankly.

I have a reputation to consider!

I didn’t want to be associated with that kind of thing, so my betting strategy was always something I kept as my own hobby.

But the thing is, it works so well, I’ve been told time and time again by people who use it to turn it into a system that ordinary people can use.

Which is why I couldn’t resist sharing it …

If you’re interested in a genuinely low-risk, steady investment system that takes very little time and zero brain power… but can earn you £12,000 extra each year, then please read on and I’ll explain what this is all about.

At first I followed my system in private, for fun and a bit of extra income. But it worked well and I thought, why not coach others in it, just like I used to do with financial investing?

So I found a publisher and went public in 2014. I called it Rainbow’s End and I was delighted to see that it continued to produce the same level of returns as I’d enjoyed in private.

As another one of my members, Simon, says…

“For many years I have been spread betting on the financial markets. Any profits I may have made I have always ultimately lost. I am therefore extremely happy to see steady profits from Rainbow’s End and consequently have stopped trading financial markets all together.” Simon, Cornwall

But if you’re a little sceptical, that’s fine. Let me tell you about me and how I left the stock market for the betting market – and found it less risky!

An investor’s approach to the betting markets

My name is Val Harrison and I’ve traded the financial markets for three and a half decades.

I first began dabbling with equities and managing my own pension fund in the ‘70s. In 1978 I was singled out by Investors Chronicle for my trading success. After that I began writing about my approach so that other people could follow my methods.

For many years I was a contributor to the Financial Times, appeared on the BBC Money Programme and wrote a book about my methods.

I still love playing the markets from time to time, but by far my most successful strategy in recent years has been to trade the online betting markets.

But not as a gambler

“After one year I am now over £12,000 in profit and very satisfied with the results.” S.H.

Instead I use the same approach and attitude to the betting markets as I’ve done in 30 years investing.

I expect you’re wondering how it works?

Well, as you may know, bookmakers publicise tasty bets to lure in punters.

But I’ve found a way to turn their own trick against them.

And the way they calculate those odds is that the bookie always finishes up ahead…

But they don’t expect what I do…

And that’s to use a statistical method shifting the bookies odds from their favour… to our favour. I’m the bookmakers’ nightmare – and that’s just how I like it. After all they make so much profit from mug-punters, it’s good to turn the tables.

(This is not bonus bagging – although some bookie’s bonuses are well worth having when you open new accounts.)

You see, if the bookies have a flaw, it’s that they need to compete with each other for new customers. To do this, they put up big juicy prices on certain races to lure in the punters.

But these over-sized odds and stupid prices can be exploited to give you a statistical advantage.

What I do is place £500 worth of bets per race as selected by my strict statistical criteria, developed over years of testing. These are all built into my new software, which only flags up bets that match the criteria exactly.

Each time I bet I can fix the risk so that I ensure I get a minimum of £490 back…. even in the worst-case scenario.

This means my risk is just £10… while my upside could be £100 … £310 … £478.

I realise that might sound like a lot of money to put up, even if the risk is small. But don’t worry, you can CHOOSE your risk.

For instance, you could place just £50 worth of bets on each race and only risk £1 each time. In which case you’ll get £49 back if you lose.

However we’re never on the back foot for long. In a moment, I’ll show you my month-by-month results. As you can see, there’s not been a losing month since I started recording these results back in November 2014!

And you can be sure that this clever trick would have your bookie spitting with rage – if they could spot what we were up to! But, the way I’ll show you how to do this means that we can take these profits under the radar.

That’s how I’ve made this work for years.

Don’t worry, it’s all completely legal and above board. And it feels so good to be filtering money out of a bookmaker’s pockets!

But, before we go any further, I need to make something very clear…

This could be a deal-breaker for you, so I don’t want you to go any further if you’re not happy with this condition…

You and I won’t become millionaires using this system.

It won’t make the kind of money that will allow you to retire on your yacht in the South of France.

I need you to be clear about that.

But I’ll tell you what this does do…

It works!

While the returns aren’t life-changing sums, the risk is super low and tightly controlled. You might only be making £20 here … £40 there … but over time – even with losses – you could build a pot of £12,000 each year ….

Rainbows End Results

My ‘Click and Bet’ software makes finding the right bets effortless … and my clever strategy makes it almost risk-free!

The powerful Rainbow’s End software system is regularly updated, with new features and fixes, so that it does all the work for you. It scans the markets… finds the qualifying bets… then sends you a signal. The software will even know which bookies you have accounts with so you’ll only get alerts to available bets with those bookies.

There’s no need for

research or relying on your own judgement calls. No theory. No screen-watching. No biting your fingernails.

This is as cold, calculated and precise as betting gets.

All you need to do is…

alert click bet icons

Yes, you’ll lose from time to time. That’s inevitable. Every good investor factors in losses whether you’re in the stock market or betting. It’s all part of the process.

But remember this…

• You can fix the level of risk so that you can lose a maximum of £2 from every £100 you bet.
• And yet for that tiny risk you can make up to £94 from each bet …
• … And increase your risk to £10 to make profits up to £478.

Or think of it this way…

If every time you tossed a coin, you could win £20 if it lands on heads but lose only £2 if it lands on tails… would you risk it?

Yes, most probably!

But now imagine flipping a coin where there’s MORE CHANCE that it will land on heads.

You’d be crazy not to try it. Even with ten losses and only one win, you’d still not lose money.

This is how Rainbow’s End Betting works. It’s all about having a statistical advantage. No hunches, guesswork, “insider knowledge” or wild gambles.

The odds are always in your favour, so that over the months you’ll slowly but surely win out.

What’s more, my software analyses the races for you, checking that it hits all the criteria, leaving little room for error.

This means that all you need to do is click and bet.

Delivering you automated profits, week after week

Some of your wins will be small, but others will really get your heart racing. For instance, risking maximum loss of £10 to bag a win of £478 feels pretty good!

“It is a very easy and profitable system – and is the first time I have been willing to go near bookmakers as I have no real interest in horseracing. I do have an interest in having an extra income though!” D.C.

However, if you’re only looking for the thrill of big wins, I’m afraid this isn’t for you. It’s more of an investment strategy not a gambling system. The idea is that you grow a pot of money slowly, over time, spending less than 10 minutes a day on betting.

But if you get a thrill at the thought of playing the system to exploit the bookies own greed, then you really have to try this out!

And if you’re concerned that you’re not going to enjoy it, or the software doesn’t work as well as I claim, then let me make you an offer.

Come and put my Rainbow’s End software to the test – either by paper betting or placing small, controlled risk bets.

See exactly how much I can deposit in your account over the next 30 days. You can end your subscription to the software at any time you want to. You’re not committed to anything long-term. It’s up to me and my software to keep delivering the returns, month after month, just as I’ve promised.

As long as you’re a member I’ll be able to offer you my expertise and support to make sure you get up and running without a hitch.

Click here to try out Rainbow’s End for yourself

“The risk/reward is as good as can surely be.”

You could join current member Richard …

“As systems go it is by far the best that I have found in my quest for perfection so far, the risk/reward is as good as can surely be.”
Richard (Middlesex)

And let me be clear…

There’s no magic to this. No mystic meg nonsense. No insider knowledge. I won’t pretend I have any special talent for horses.

I simply take the juicy prices that bookies use to reel in the punters… and then use their own honey-traps AGAINST them.

If you’re interested, you can see this methodology in full if you join me today. I will send you the full manual with every detail of how I pick selections. You’re more than welcome to use it.

Or you can leave it to the new powerful software to do all the work for you. Just get the alerts, then click and bet!

After all, that’s what it’s there for.

Interested? Then here’s what to do…

Join Rainbow’s End today and I’ll send you…
manual order button

  • A 60-page guide to the Rainbow’s End method, with step-by-step instructions on how to use it.
  • Details of how to set up your betting account (easy to do, even if you’re never placed a bet in your life).
  • A login to the software where you can register and tick which bookies you use. This will remember your details so it can send alerts specially tailored to you. Either leave this to ‘beep’ at you on your computer when there’s an alert, or set up the emails to tell you when there’s a race to bet on.
  • My email address – so should you get stuck or have any questions, you can email me and get a prompt response.
  • A weekly email update about the bets I’ve taken that week, and any tips and tricks I can pass on that will boost your profits.

Here’s how the automated software works …

  1. Register your email address, select your bookies, and choose how you’d like to receive your alerts – by computer or email. (You’ll get an alert whenever a race hits the criteria. These can come through over the course of the day – there are races to bet on every day of the year with the exception of three days over Christmas! Don’t worry if you miss an alert – there’s no shortage of opportunities.)
  2. You’ll start to receive alerts, telling you the selections, the odds and the recommended stakes. No fluff, no filler, just the stats you need.
  3. In just two clicks of the mouse, you’re through to your bookmaker where you can place the bets according to the instructions.
  4. With your bets placed, you’re done. All you have to do now is get on with your day and wait to see how much you’ve banked!

Or, if you prefer not to use the software, you can pick the bets yourself (it’s very simple, and I’ll show you exactly how to do this in my guidebook)

“I thought that I would simply use the system to recoup my outlay and that that would be it. Happy to report though that (to £200 total stakes) I have made £158.3 in the last week so am pleasantly surprised!” David from Bristol

“I’ve cleared the cost of the system, and I’m very happy with that. Definitely a success as far as I’m concerned.” Ian S

“I have made a good profit on my investment and it has been fun.” P.C. (Maldon, Essex)

If you get your name down today, I’ll rush you an instant log-in so that you can register right away and get your manual in the post to you, so you’ve all the information you need.

Soon you could see those small, steady profits coming in … £20 here … £50 there … all from exploiting silly prices the bookies’ give out.

I know it might sound strange, but playing the system and winning is so pleasurable, whether you’re beating the stock market or the bookmaker. There’s no feeling like it when you see the profits stack up – not to mention those occasional £478 wins for a £10 risk!

I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price, too…

In return for my proven race-betting method  – worth £12,000 or more per year in profits, based on the results we’ve had so far, I’m only asking for £99.99. And access to the software is completely free for your first month, and costs just £24.99 per month after that.

See what you think. Put me to the test. I expect you to easily make back that money in no time at all, like this David from Bristol, or Ian S.

And remember that many of my early members didn’t even have the benefit of the powerful new software that selects races for you!

Of course, if you aren’t happy with the results you can unsubscribe any time you like – there’s no tie-in. Or perhaps you prefer to run the method manually, without using the software. That’s absolutely fine too. You don’t have to give any reason at all for this.

However, I am confident that once you see the gains I’m sure you’ll be happy to pay £24.99 each month. It’ll be more than worth it! This fee will cover ongoing email support, my weekly emails to update you and offer you advice, plus 24/7 access to the software so that you get all the signals as and when they appear, with all the instructions you need.

So I hope you feel that is more than fair!

Remember, you’ll get:

    • Instant alerts as soon as the software has found a race that matches my controlled risk criteria. With each one you could make £100 into £120, £162, even £194 TAX-FREE in just a few minutes – while only ever risking £2.


    • The alert tells you all the odds, and recommended stakes, tailored to your own bookies accounts so you can just click through and bet.


    • All the secrets of the Rainbow’s End Betting method explained so you can see how it works.


  • Expert support from me whenever you need it. I’ll give you my email address to contact me with any problems.

I can’t wait to show you what Rainbow’s End can do. My short guidebook will explain the secret of my system, and the software will scan, select and recommend all your bets so you don’t even need to check for races.

All you need to do is click on the button below and I’ll rush you a logins and guidebook right away.

Rainbow’s End

I hope to hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely

Val Harrison
Rainbow’s End Racing


P.S. Still have questions about Rainbow’s End and how it works? I’ll try to address the most common queries here …

Why don’t you offer a guarantee?

I’ll be honest with you here, I’ve riled my publisher (and probably a few potential clients) by refusing to give a free trial. But I simply refuse to give away my Rainbow’s End secret for free. Once you’ve discovered this trick, there’s no turning back. It is just too good, too easy to use and too consistently profitable. I’m confident that as soon as you read about this straight-forward technique, you’ll want to start using it straight away, and I know how profitable this can be. And I’m sure that once you’ve starting making money with this, you wouldn’t want to think of other people getting access to it for free!

However, there is absolutely no tie-in period to using the software – you’ll get your first 30 days completely free, and you can cancel the ongoing subscription at any time.

“I am a new customer and I have to say that on receiving the system I was initially quite disappointed as I have been a sports bettor for a long time and am therefore restricted in terms of use of the different BoG bookies. As a result I thought that I would simply use the system to recoup my outlay and that that would be it. Happy to report though that (to £200 total stakes) I have made £158.3 in the last week so am pleasantly surprised!” David (Bristol)

How much money do I need to use Rainbow’s End?

With Rainbow’s End, you’ll NEVER need to risk more than £2 at a time. However, you will need some funds to open bookmaker accounts. I currently run my betting across 8 accounts, so I’d say that you need a minimum of £500 across these accounts.

How much money can I expect to make?

How much you make will depend on 2 things – how much you risk (anything from £2 to £10 per race) and how often you so it.
In 2015 made over £15,000. In 2016, just over £10,000. In 2017, I made £11,636. And in 2018, I made £12,885.

If I make too much money, won’t bookmakers close my account?

This can happen from time to time, but provided you follow my strict staking plan and spread your betting across a number of bookies, it shouldn’t hold back your profitability. I’ve been doing this for years and am still taking money from bookmakers!

What support can I expect?

You’ll have my email address, plus email updates from me, telling you what bets I’ve been taking. I’ve been doing this for years and am determined to ensure that ALL Rainbow’s End users are profitable, so if you have any problems or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’m 100% committed to making this work for you, so please just click on the link below, pop your details into the secure order form … and you could be claiming your first win in just a few days time …


P.P.S. Here’s how much one of my members made in their first two months…

“Have been using Rainbows for 2 months now and I am delighted to say a profit of £2,003 has been reached.” – A.J

To join him today, click here to register!


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